Monday, August 2, 2010

08-01-10 Sunday Week 78

Treacherous fixation, thy name is Ice Cream.

Ugh. Theme for this weekend; over-fueling for my current activity level. I'd have to work out 10 times a day to justify the amount of food I've consumed the last 3 days. I swear here and now to all of you (and hold me to this) this behavior ends tomorrow. Spent about 3 hours in the gym today. Got the idea to do a double (based on the upcoming competition) and Shu was kind enough to go along with me.

Training Log
For time:
800 M Run
20 Pullups
20 Burpees
40 Situps
10 Squat Cleans (95 lbs)
40 Box Jumps 20"
400 M Run

Time -- 13:44

then (one hour later...)

For time:
20 Ground to Overhead 95 lbs
Touch & Go Deadlift 8 reps at 225
10 HSPU (to 2 abmats)
20 Wall Ball shots (20 lb ball to 8ft)
100 ft Overhead Walking Lunges (15 lb plate)
100 Double Unders
1 Rope Climb (15ft)

Time -- 9:15

Okay, so I earned my fuel allotment for today BUT that should not have included a pint of Brusters. Going to go strict for the next 3 weeks until comp.

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