Sunday, August 22, 2010

08-16-10 Monday Week 81

The dreaded wall-ball shot.

This was not a good day. I decided not to workout with the class because we did almost the identical workout yesterday. I was motivated to do the wod posted on the mainsite because it was the 5th workout from Day 1 CrossFit Games 2009. I remember finishing in around 18:30 and thinking I should have/could have gone faster were my legs not already smoked from everything that came before it that day: 7K mountainy trail run, 2023 lbs of deadlifts, 200M hill sandbag sprint, 1000 meters of rowing, hammering 3ft of a stake into specially treated ground ....

Turns out my back had other ideas...

Training Log
3 rounds for time:
30 Wall ball shots (16 lb ball to 10.5 ft)
30 Squat snatches 45 lbs

Time --23:05 or something

At the halfway point, I was on pace to finish sub 14 minutes ... then during the snatches (I used a training bar with plates and took it from the floor each time) my back seized up and started spasming painfully. I was cringing between reps and Jonathan kept trying to talk me into stopping - but I guess DNF is not in my vocabulary. Ended up finishing in a ridiculously slow time. I will have to try this again next week.

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