Sunday, August 22, 2010

08-17-10 Tuesday Week 81

Went to the doctor today. Apparently, I had a serious subluxation of some lower vertebra that was causing my back pain, and some subsequent inflammation. I got adjusted and iced and shocked and Graston'd and A.R.T.'d. I actually felt like I could walk different after I left (Thanks! Dr. Cho!)

Took it easy today and Tommy and I teamed up for the Partner 5K run.

Training Log
Partner 5K run
Teams of 2 alternate intervals until 5,000 meters has been accumulated. Partner 2 must run the same interval as partner 1 so that at the end of the workout , the partners have run equal distances. No interval should exceed 800 meters.

Total time: 21:04

Tommy and I chose to split it up into 4 -800's, 4 -400's and 2 -100's. Intervals looked like this --
Shana / Tommy
3:25 / 3:21
3:30 / 3:24
1:35 / 1:34
1:37 / 1:34
:30 / :30

We made a perfect match-up as our intervals were almost identical! This one was hard - I have blisters on my feet from the hot street - but a perfect way to get some intervals in! Loved it!!

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