Thursday, August 5, 2010

08-04-10 Wednesday Week 79

Sumo-deadlift high pull.

Went in to wod at noon today. Don't know why I don't do it more often... it was great! Loved working out with the lunch crew. I do NOT love wall-balls but decided to use our new 16 lb ball. Joy. Almost saw Jesus during the last round. Success!

Training Log
12 Noon
7 rounds -
Rounds start every 2 minutes.
DO 3 five-meter sprints (touch floor over the line)
5 Toes to Bar
7 Sumo-deadlift high pull 65 lbs
Use the remaining time to do max rep Wall Ball Shots 16 lbs to 10'
Total score for the workout is total number of wall ball shots completed.

Total -- 120

I'm really proud of myself. I am notoriously horrible at wall balls which I attribute to my officially petite stature (I'm a quarter-inch shy of 5'4") and I went "heavy." Only by 2 lbs, I know. But am feeling progress. Between the slam balls yesterday and the wall balls today - I might not be able to walk tomorrow. I love it.


Lauren said...

Great job yesterday. Enjoy having your energy in the class. Hope to see ya more often!

JTM said...

My wife is a huge fan and she's been trying to get me to do a "Shana WOD" for a while. Not quite sure why I agreed to this one:

27/18/19/14/8/12/11 = 109

I had serious thoughts of quitting and calling it "good" in round 5, but decided to sandbag a bit and try to get some wind for the last 2 rounds. It didn't work.

Nice job Shana. We hope to make to CFED sometime. You are awesome.

Shana A. said...

OH!! JTM ... you couldn't have picked a better "Shana WOD" !!! That one kicked my butt hard! Glad you liked it. I decided it was the exact right length... one more round and I might have gone to unicorn-heaven.