Tuesday, August 10, 2010

08-08-10 Sunday Week 79

Again with the no photo. I need someone to follow me around with a camera at all times... "Unicorn: The Reality Show" ... I'm working on a script.

This was absolutely miserable -- I've been terribly worried about my rotator cuff and there were several moves in this wod that were unnerving.

Training Log
For time:
400m Sand bag carry 50 lbs
50 push-ups
100 squats
60 dumbbell swings 35 lbs
200m sprint
10 Muscle Ups
30 Deadlifts 185 lbs
1000m row

Time -- 38:55

Uhm, yeah. Okay, so I took several looong breaks in this and almost quit .... aaaaand I cried a few times. Muscle-ups were from bent elbows, pushups were from "perfect pushup" and featured a rotation on the way down up and were a bit deeper than a normal plank pushup. Deadlifts were done 20/10/5. I really freaked on the swings - I can feel my shoulder impinge a little when I go overhead and it's making me crazy. Lots of treatments and PT exercises this week. I'm determined it's going to be good to go soon. Glad I finished, but it was a less than stellar performance.


MM2 said...

Did you literally cry?

Shana A. said...

Uhm.. yeah.

MM2 said...

Wow...that's crazy. I remember seeing you in the games last month and you were flying through some of those WODs.
You inspired a friend of mine to start Crossfitting. She was afraid of losing her figure if she lifted heavy, etc. Thank you for that.
I just won't tell her that you push yourself to tears...not yet. ha ha ha!

durty S. munki said...

yeah, breaks, crying, and still almost beat me anyway. damn unicorn.

oh, and ask and ye shall receive.

we are the crowd
we're co-coming out
got my flash on, it's true
need that picture of you

it's so magical.....

i'm your biggest fan
i'll follow you until you love me..papa...paparazzi.
hahaha. i'm a freak. i know.

but i'll paparazzi you anyway.