Saturday, July 31, 2010

07-30-10 Friday Week 78

Pinecone-Palooza 2010 -- our 2 year anniversary celebration, complete with tires, dumbbells, medballs, sandbags and bumper plates = good time for everyone!

Tonight was our annual anniversary celebration. We started our gym in the park so we always do a park/outdoor workout to commemorate our humble beginnings. This year was a great turnout and a great time - I am a lucky girl to do what I love for a living. It's everything I ever wanted, and more!

Training Log
8PM (?)
For time:
Start with a stack of stuff--
Big tire, small tire sled loaded w/25#dumbbell, 35# bumper plate, 40# sandbag, 20# dumbbells, 14# med ball -- each item must be moved from start to finish line (approx 30M)--
Toss & Chase the med-ball
Farmer Carry the dumbbells
Anyway transport the sandbag
Overhead Walk the bumper plate
Drag the tire sled
Flip the big tire
At the line perform--
20 in & out burpees
25 DB thrusters
30 med-ball mountain climbers
Return everything to the start and stack it the way you found it.

Time -- 9:20

Almost had a visit from pukie ... managed to keep it down this time. Might need a rest tomorrow... but maybe not.

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Maya said...

Congratulations on 2 years! Thank you for all you do and continually making us better.