Wednesday, July 28, 2010

07-28-10 Wednesday Week 78

"Pyramid Double Helen" wod from Day 2, 2010 CrossFit Games. (Photo by Bob Guere)

So so so so so so sooooooo sore. But needed work on what today was. Shoulda worked out yesterday but ran out of hours in the day. Will make up for it by the time the weekend is up.

Training Log
For time:
200 M Run
25 Situps (unanchored abmat)
400 M Run
25 CTB Pullups
800 M Run
25 Ring Dips
1 Mile Run

Time -- 20:46

Sprinted out of the gate and was in the lead until the set of pullups... Jonathan beat me out the door then Shu passed me on the 800. Need more work on this particular time domain/metcon... thought my feet and head would catch on fire -- when I left the gym at 8PM the temp was around 95.... Probably could have run a little faster but I was starting to stitch, so I didn't push it. I WILL get better at this -- I tanked on it at the Games and it will haunt me if I don't.


Chris Holt said...

Like this one a lot. Going to try it. :-)

Amy P. said...

LOL... I just saw Chris doing this WOD this afternoon (something tells me this will be on the board 6am Monday morning!)
Shana, I had the pleasure of cheering you on at Regionals and was so excited to watch you compete at the games this year. You are indeed a strong, fierce and inspiring athlete and I look forward to seeing you kick ass and achieve your goals on the way to the 2011 Games :)

joven said...

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