Tuesday, July 27, 2010

07-26-10 Monday Week 78

Friendly California squirrels. I heart squirrels!!

It is now approximately 5.5 hours post wod and I am already feeling the soreness from today's workout... yowch!!

Training Log
Traditional tabata rounds of:
Dumbbell Swings (35 lbs)
200 M Run
OH Walking Lunge Steps (35 lb plate)
200 M Run
Push Press (45 lbs)
200 M Run
(next round of tabatas starts when the last person finishes the run)

Totals --
Swings - 101
Lunges - 90
Push press - 100
Double-unders - 194

I was lucky enough to have Shane coach for me at the 7PM session and also had the benefit of knowing what everyone's numbers for the day were. I busted my ass gunning for the top ones... I felt like I might have a visit from Pukie at the end and it was difficult to lift my iced tea at dinner. Ah, success.

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