Sunday, March 15, 2009

03-15-09 Sunday Week 6

That's me on the left and Drew on the right.

Today, Jonathan and I stopped at CrossFit Hyperformance in Savannah on our way back to Atlanta from St. Simons. I was proud of myself because it would have been really easy to talk myself out of a workout since we were so "busy traveling." I'm so glad we stopped, though. Drew is one of the friendliest CFers I've ever met and a fantastic athlete. He's getting ready to go to the qualifiers, too, so we met for an off-hours wod. I forgot to note his time, so, Drew, if you're reading - post your time to comments. (I know he finished before I did!)

Training Log
1:30 PM MetCon
15 Rounds for time:
2 Muscle-ups
5 Power Snatches (65 lbs)

Time -- 20:21

Drew did a version of J.T. with a 500 M (?) row after each round.

I'm pretty freakin' stoked that my shoulder made it through all those muscle-ups and snatches with no issues. I did, however, rip my wrist open. Diet was definitely sidetracked this weekend, with wedding cake, alcoholic reception beverages and travel food. I have no excuses other than it's easy for your resolve to waver when you can use the phrase, "I'm on vacation!" Better this week!


CrossFit Hyperformance said...

Hi Shana,
I really enjoyed working out with you today. You are an inspiration for my wife... she was very jealous we got to work together. "She did all 30 muscle-ups? Damn!" I did JT with shoulder to hand HSPU on the parallels, 500m row after each round. 17:48. Felt kind of sluggish after a Yuengling night. CFHP will attack some muscle-ups and snatches this week... maybe after st. patty's day. if anybody wants, we will be running the parade route in savannah and doing burpees at every corner. any takers?

Shana and Jonathan, anytime you want to catch a WOD in Savannah stop by.


Shana A. said...

We had a great time. Thanks for having us!! Have fun with your burpee parade!!

Hopefully see you soon!

MK Crossfit Daytona said...

Awesome picture!