Sunday, March 15, 2009

03-14-09 Saturday Week 6

You gotta make do with what you got...

Friday ended up being a rest day. We tried to stop in for a workout at CF Savannah but they were closed (I should have called first, duh!). So, Saturday, at Epworth By the Sea in St. Simon's (we are here for Rae's wedding) I convinced the crew to do a wod with me. They loved it. Luckily, PatC carries dumbbells and jumpropes around in her truck, my kinda girl, and we came up with the following wod.

Training Log
1:30PM MetCon
3 Rounds for time:
200 M sprint
15 Burpees
15 Air Squats
200 M sprint
15 double unders
15 DB Push Press (25's)

Time: ~13:00 (Sheryl had the watch and was on the other side of the field when I finished!)
Sheryl & Pat ~ 19:00

It was a good little wod. Just what I needed to not feel like a slack ass for taking anOTHER day off! Tomorrow, we are going to try to hit up CF Hyperformance in Savannah on the way home for a wod.

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PatC said...

You're right, we did love it...after it was over. I really was in vacation mindset and did not want to do a wod, but so glad we did it.