Tuesday, March 31, 2009

03-31-09 Tuesday Week 9

That is a picture of pain. DB swings during Eva.

I'm now fairly certain Sven is trying to kill me. My assignment for today was to do Eva with hypoxic breathing technique (you restrict your breathing and it's supposed have a similar effect to altitude training). That didn't go so well, I tried it on the first round and I started to panic. It effed up my head so bad I almost quit -- but no. I had to finish. Damn 55 lb dumbbell swings, it was so humid and my hands were slipping. I was so anxious before starting the wod that I forgot to tape my hands and wasted a ton of time during the wod taping up my fingers since my hands were ripping open. I managed to not bleed but my hands are a mess!

Training Log
5 Rounds for time:
800 Meter Run
30 Dumbbells Swings (55 lb dumbbell)
30 Pullups

Time -- 51:32

I don't think Murph even takes me that long. It turned into a mind game after the whole breathing thing. I was pissed. To make things even more fun, it started pouring down rain as we were finishing up round 3. I, in my thin white tank, was drenched. That made it even harder to hold on to the pullup bar. The last set of pullups was mostly one at a time. Seriously. That sucked. One of my worst wods to date probably. Although, I have to say I feel slightly hardcore for having finished it at all.

Tomorrow will be better. The kids from Beach CrossFit in VA Beach are sending us a wod ... can't wait to see what kind of torture that is!! Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Good job! Yes this is a VERY ADVANCED wod if you add hypoxics. Great job of doing what you did. Yes it messed with your mind, but I think you came out stronger at the end, right?
Eva in itself is hard, Hypoxic Eva is terrible! You need close supervision doing it, so....
Now on another note... Welcome To The Big Dogs!
Yeah it sucked and was hard but you did it.
I will talk to you some more about adding hypoxic stuff in other, less suckie, wod's. Now just keep an eye on how you are feeling for the rest of the day, eat right and go after the guys from Beach CF tomorrow.
Again Good Job. And no, I am not trying to kill you (at least not untill I have got my hoodie he he)
Sven H

MK said...

ew suckfest!

Shana A. said...

Total suckfest!

Sven, I may make you come pick up your CFED hoodie in person. I have an XXL set aside just for you!

Anonymous said...

How exactly do hypoxic techniques work with Crossfit WODs? I've only encountered them in swimming (i.e. breathe every 2 strokes, then every 4 strokes, then every 6 strokes, etc.).

Shana A. said...

Same way. 1 breath - 1 swing. 1 breath - 2 swings ... etc...

I literally flipped out in my mind!

Anonymous said...

That sounds awful...But at least this way if you pass out you won't drown.

Justin said...

Well, i suppose from the work out that I sent you we are certainly not kids up here at Beach CrossFit (although I dig the compliment at 34 y/o)..lol!
And isn't it funny Sven, that just a few days ago during your visit we were talking about hypoxic Eva! ah hahahahahaha! Good on ya Shana for hittin that! Great job!
Can't wait to meet you in person grl!


Anonymous said...

Most impressed! Great job, Shana! Yesterday when we left CFED, Keith said, "She's so cute!" I thought "Yeah she may be cute but she could rip a vein out of your neck!" Damn, you're tough. Keep it up.

Sheryl Mc said...

HA! Christin, I love that. That's my kind of cute.

Justin, thanks, I think, for sending us the WOD.