Sunday, March 22, 2009

03-21-09 Saturday Week 7

Pinecone Palooza Coaches wod: me, Kath, Brooke and Ann-imal hitting it hard!

We worked out for 3 months in Glenlake Park before we moved into our current box. It was a year ago March 9 that we did our very first wod in the park. We celebrated yesterday at McKoy Park with a group wod followed by a "train the trainer" wod. They were all pretty nice to us, actually, although Zeke has some real tough-love potential!

Training Log
11ish AM MetCon
Participants were assigned a single pair of dumbbells that had to go the entire distance of the wod with them. I had a pair of 25's.
For time:
Dumbbell Bear walk ~100M
15 Monkey Bar Pullups (bar was approx 2" diameter)
15 DB Thrusters
Dumbbell Walking Lunge ~100M
15 Wall Jumps (maybe 18"?)
15 Single-Arm SDHP Right Arm
15 Single-Arm SDHP Left Arm
Dumbbell Farmer Walk ~300M
15 Mule Kicks
15 Plank Row Pushups
Place DBs in tire-sled & drag sled ~50M
15 DB swings
15 Air Squats

Time -- 10:09

I got a nice little Fran-cough from that wod... and my butt was ON FIRE! It was such a fun day.

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