Thursday, March 19, 2009

03-19-09 Thursday Week 7

Funny hair in this pic. Apparently, in photos it appears red, when, in fact, it is pink.

This week is Week 7 since I started this whole business of thinking I might be a contender to merely qualify for the CF Games. I've been trying to stick to the strength bias program but have had some setbacks with the shoulder. Normally, on week 7 you'd take a light week or even a rest week, I think. But, since I had to skip some of the lifting, I'm still going to hit it hard this week and probably next and then see how I feel before it's almost go time.

Training Log
4:15 PM Metcon

As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 minutes of:
20 Double Unders
10 Pullups
5 Ring Dips
*WOD courtesty BGI Fit.

Total -- 13 Rounds + 10 Double Unders

I made a phone call to my friends at BGI Fit in Florida before hitting this wod. I always go MUCH harder when I have a rabbit and what better rabbits than two of my sheroes, Jenni Orr (aka Jelli) and Dana Lynch. I got Tommy on the phone who told me that Jelli did 11 rounds, and alternated rounds of ring dips with rounds of straight bar dips. I decided to do the same thing. He also told me she's been focusing on ROM, which I love, so for my dips I made sure to go to armpit depth each rep and force the lockout at the top. I pretty much had to do them one at a time, but was saved by the double unders which I can do very efficiently. It's one of my better moves (I can do 20 in under 10 secs.) Thanks, you kids at BGI, for a GREAT workout!

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