Tuesday, March 10, 2009

03-10-09 Tuesday Week 6

Fun with dumbbells...

I decided that it makes more sense to take Monday off than Sunday so I made today Day 1 for Week 6. So Thursday and Mondays will be rest days instead of Wednesdays and Sundays. Yesterday was a lovely rest day in the "spring" weather that is sunny and highs in the 80's!! The shoulder has been feeling great so I decided to get back on my strength bias program and I'll modify as needed.

Training Log
3:45 PM Focus Lift
Back Squat 5x3
190 x 3
200 x 3
205 x 3
All 3 sets were PRs so I switched the last two sets:
175 x5
150 x 10 (whew!)

5:20 PM MetCon
3 Rounds for time:
10 Dumbbell Clean & Jerk (25 lb DBs)
10 Box Jump Burpees (20")
10 Dumbbell Swings (35 lbs)

Time -- 7:41

Skills practice: Ran 1 mile using strict POSE form. (not for time)

My shoulder felt a little tweakish during the back squats and I was really noticing some tightness in my elbow during the pressing. I have an appointment with the doc tomorrow and I'm sure he'll yell at me for not taking it easier like I should be. At least I got those PRs in before I get reprimanded!


PatC said...

I'm so impressed with that backsquat. Little 'ole Shana backsquatting 205x3. Sorry I missed the "fun with dumbbells" workout.

jip said...

205..NICE!! Maybe if I can toughen up my scream a little bit I can get some nice PR's too!/ joanne

Shana A. said...

Thanks, ya'll! And Joanne, there was definitely vocal utterances ... they sounded more like death rattles than screams, though. hahahah