Monday, March 23, 2009

03-23-09 Monday Week 8

At this point I was thinking, "Just let it be over soon."

Today was technically supposed to be a rest day, but couldn't resist. Wall-balls are miserable, but I need to work on them, so what better way than to do a "Karen Plus."

Training Log
6:20PM MetCon
For time:
150 Wall Ball Shots (16 lb ball to a 10' target)

Time -- 11:13

Thanks, Marshall for hitting it with me (his time was 10:04 Rx'd) I'm definitely worn out from the last 2 days. I almost regret going heavy on this, it'd be nice to know if I'd have had a PR. I had a lopsided ball and the hard part was trying to keep the weight under control. I figure if I can get better at controlling a heavier ball, the 14 will be even easier to do. Hopefully, this theory will pay off. I guess we'll see.

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