Thursday, March 26, 2009

03-26-09 Thursday Week 8

I feel so lame today. I'm almost embarrassed to post this but I'm keeping it real, so here goes. I should mention, the first shameful thing is that I had an awful lunch late in the day. I'm starting to think I'm purposely sabotageing myself. It's getting too late in the game to be doing this kind of screw up.

Training Log
5:30PM MetCon
4 Rounds, each for time:
800 Meter Run
Rest as needed between rounds.

4:22 (almost died)

Blechk. First two rest times were 3:00. That last rest was more like 10:00. I almost lost consciousness and thought I was going to lose my lunch. Clearly I need to work on recovery times. Also, it was so humid and I guess I wore the wrong socks because the balls of my feet are blistered. No PRs today (800M PR is 3:02 - still trying to break 3:00). And DANG but Georgia is effing hilly!


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