Wednesday, March 18, 2009

03-18-09 Wednesday Week 7

Thanks to Sven and this guy (that's Mike Burgener) I have a new jerk PR!

Today, I was a little hungry when I left my house. I was going to go straight into working out so I packed a snack and decided to eat afterward (of course did not have time to, but it's the thought that counts.) I think that little bit of hunger gave me an edge. I only did the focus lift today, split jerks and hit a big PR. Very exciting. I felt strong like I could have gone heavier but I had a gym full of people ready to workout just milling around so I called it a day.

Training Log
4:45 PM

Split Jerk
145 PR
155 PR
165 PR!!

Yippee!!! This is especially exciting since I've been having all those shoulder issues. It feels really good now! I'm overusing the exclamation point. No more. Time for bed so I can get up at 4:30AM ... ugh.