Sunday, March 29, 2009

03-29-09 Sunday Week 8

This pic is not from today's FGB - but it accurately depicts the way I felt immediately afterward! I figure I owe it to all the victims of the Shana-Cam to post at least a few good ones of me laid out (this one's for you, Sheryl!)

Upon seeing Fight Gone Bad posted as the wod for today, I immediately began negotiations with my coach via g-chat. We decided that I'd use the men's weight and go all out to see what happened. I'm pretty happy with the results.

Training Log
"Fight Gone Bad" (click for an explanation)
Used the men's weight; 75 lbs Push Press, 75 lbs SDHP, except 16 lbs Wall Ball to 10' target, 20" box.
Score -- 276

I'm pretty happy with this. (PR with women's weight is 323 from November) I usually get higher numbers on the push press and sdhp but my wall-balls were up as were the box jumps. I forgot my score sheet at the gym but I got 50 box jumps my first round and 40 on the last! Thanks, Sheryl for being a good counter! You're getting pretty good at yelling at me! Big ups to Christin Street who joined us - way to go Christin, we loved having you!! (Christin's workout log)

PS - LOVING the comments!! Thanks to all!


Anonymous said...

Ok not bad.....
How will we get better next time? Ohh I know Championship Fight. Oh yeah.. 5 rds Mens weight!
Seriously.. good job. Check yourself and see where you think you can push even more next time.
Don't forgett the BIAS... You know you don't get of the bus until you arrive at the right place, correct?
So what's on tap for tomorrow?
Sven H

Shana A. said...

Sven, you're a slave driver! Tomorrow is REST!! After 5 days of brutallity including 800M sprints, 100 ring dips, 100 pullups, 160lb front squats, wod from hell on saturday and FGB like a man today -- I feel like I've earned one. Finally!

Sheryl Mc said...

Shana, great work today. Awesome to see you back in your groove! Glad the shoulder and elbow are holding up.

Sven, I know the answer. Shana pushed HARD today, but where she could've pushed for a few more reps is wallballs.

Christin- great meeting you.

Last, Shana thanks for the pic!

MK said...

Awesome...3 rnds right?

Shana A. said...

Sheryl, the sad thing is that I got more wallballs today than I normally get! I usually struggle to get 10!! HAHAHA!

Shana A. said...

OH yeah. Melissa, it was 3 rounds! I think I might die if it went any longer!

jenna said...

You, are a monster. I mean that in the most feminine, sexiest way possible. But, seriously. I think I'm a little scared of you.

That FGB is higher than my women's FGB. I don't know how you crazy people get 300+. And, 50 box jumps in 1 minute?!?!?!? I can't even do them that fast. I think box jumps are one of my strong points, and I get about 25.

*bow down*

MK said...

Mens weight FGB 5 rounder? Id die. I dont know why I even asked. I think I am revisiting FGB at womens weight for the first time i think ever this week sometime. Ill let you know how it goes.

Shana A. said...

Jenna, you are too funny! I'm probably the least scary person I know!! (although our members might disagree lol)

I figured out how to do a box jump only using my calves pretty much so I get less gassed from it and can keep pumping them out... very similar to what Brendan does in some of the HQ vids... if I find a link I'll post it!

jenna said...

Sweet...that'd be cool to see. I'm going to have to work on those box jumps :)

Shana A. said...

Here's the vid ... oddly, it's the box jump variation video! hahaha