Wednesday, May 20, 2009

05-20-09 Wednesday Week 15

Ugh. I hate back squats. I maybe pushed it a little too hard with them today. I did hit a PR so, that's good. But it's possible my form deviated just a bit too much as my back immediately started bothering me. I got a glowing report from the chiropractor yesterday so I'm hoping I haven't undone all the good healin' I've been doing.

Training Log
Back Squat
190x5 (ouch)
165x5 (w/high bar)
The low bar position is bothering my shoulder. High bar seems a little tougher but not so rough on my back so I might go back to these for a while.

3 power cleans (95#)/3 muscle-ups
Every minute on the minute, adding 5# each round, until failure.
Well. I didn't get very far on these. If you failed before 10 rounds you were supposed to
go back to the last weight you successfully completed and do that for 3 rounds.
I got up to 110# and the cleans were easy but I couldn't finish the
muscle-ups. Went back down to 105 and I got one more round, but failed on the MUs
again on the 2nd round.

I'm done for the day. Sore back may force a rest day tomorrow. There will be mucho icing when I get home.


Drew said...

So does that mean that we are doing 10 rounds of ghd back extensions and 135lb rdls on saturday. sweet!

MK said...

Nice to see you back in the game, Shana! Ice it up and stay healthy. Be safe.