Sunday, May 24, 2009

05-24-09 Sunday Week 15

The gym was a sea of barbells when we finished.

After our workout yesterday, Drew said, "Hey, tomorrow we should do a chipper wod." So I threw something together.
BTW, 1 Bear is a power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press -- all done without releasing the bar. Multiply by 3, and that's what we did in between each chipper set. (Legend for non-CFers, like my mom: DU=Double Unders, SDHP=Sumo Deadlift High Pull, HSPU=Handstand Pushup)

Times as follows:
Drew -- 20:27 Rx
Shana -- 26:18 Rx
Tommy -- 28:35 Rx
Jen -- 34:26 (75# SDHP/Bear, Asst Ring Dips, mod pike pushups)
Brooke -- 34:34 (Asst Ring Dips, HSPU neg to 2 abmats)

A few notes on how this went for me; 90 double unders were unbroken, lunges unbroken, situps mainly unbroken, SDHP broken into about 4 sets, ring dips many were one at a time, the bears went smoothly and were pretty much unbroken. I made it to the HSPU first and the clock said something like 19 mins.... 6-7 mins later, finished the HSPU. Dammit.

I am sore. Shoulders have had it. Rest day tomorrow if I can stand it! Drew and Jen, come visit anytime! We love having you! Tommy, good luck at your L2 !!


CrossFit Hyperformance said...

We had a great time visiting. The chipper was fun. My legs felt terrible as we climbed to the nose-bleed section of Turner Field. Thanks Shana for making me scared of heights. The same goes for you when you want to come to SAV. You have a place to stay and a gym to WOD in. Tell Tommy good luck. Remember not to get too squatty with the SDHPs. You guys rock!

Drew & Jenni

christin said...

That looks like a blast of a WOD!