Tuesday, May 12, 2009

05-12-09 Tuesday Week 14

Another pic from Dirty South Quals ... this was THE most brutal wod out of all 4 !

Holy crap, I am SO glad to be typing this! For those of you who follow my blog but not my Facebook - just to update you - I've been resting completely for SIX WHOLE DAYS. Holy crap. I had both my chiropractors and my NMT pretty much order me to rest and I decided to NOT be stupid and go against their advice. (I had a lumbar disc that had shifted anteriorly and put me at pretty big risk - to make a very long story really short) But rest is HARD for me mentally! Working out is my therapy and is what keeps me on an even keel so I have been pretty testy these last few days. Today I was cleared to workout and have never been SO glad!!!

Training Log
"Half Angie"
50 Pullups
50 Pushups
50 Situps
50 Squats

Time -- 10:14 (chest to bar pullups)
Spencer -- 10:35
David G.-- 10:32

20 min rest then power clean 5x1
165 (PR by 10# !!!)

Thanks, Spencer and David G. for staying hot on my heels during this wod and NOT letting me let up! Always great workout pals! It's good to be back in action!


CrossFit Hyperformance said...

well when you finish your wod you can coach me through the rest of mine. i am very happy for you to be back in action. i feel the same way about wods being my "therapy".

see you in a couple of weeks

Drew and Jenni

posh said...

agh looks brutal but keep at it!