Friday, May 1, 2009

05-01-09 Friday Week 13

Jelli and I posing for photos after the very last wod at SEQs ...

Today, it's back to the grind. Well, sorta. I decided after taking 4 complete rest days I'm going to ease back in to the hard, heavy training - since I'm still sore in my hamstrings and all of a sudden, my low back (mainly on the left side, which is where most of my issues are, apparently.)
I was going to do Elizabeth but will wait to see how I feel tomorrow and maybe do it then. Did the Tabatas today at about 90% intensity.

Training Log
Tabata Something Else
Pullups (done chest to bar) 57
Pushups 51
Situps 87
Squats 123

TOTAL -- 318

After experiencing the very strict judging specs at Quals, I'm convinced that my insistence on quality reps is a good move. I definitely feel like this gave me a BIG advantage. I am always preaching good form as a coach and I feel like I should walk the walk. And I am really glad I have been. I missed three reps all weekend - 2 wall balls and 1 pullup. Most people were not so lucky! Many never made it through the OHS because they couldn't get deep enough... There are a lot of CrossFitters who say if your form is too perfect then your intensity is going to suffer, and I disagree. I'm not talking about your back rounding a little on a long set of deads or being in your toes when you're fatigued and coming out of a wobbly OHS. I'm talking about not finishing reps, not going deep enough, not locking out a push press, etc. I don't see how NOT finishing something would make it more intense! Okay, I'm off of my soapbox now!


Christin said...

I've only been training with you at CFED for a very short time and, yes, you are a huge stickler on form. My numbers and times have taken hits, but I know it's for the best. Quality rules! Good soapbox! ;)

Shana A. said...

Can I get an, "Amen!" ??

MK Crossfit Daytona said...

Amen! Fell victim to the OHS depth. OHS is not a strength of mine and I have to work form on those constantly. When you get a chance come down here and fix my squat.

Dana said...

I'll give ya an AMEN! I totally agree! We take away RX's for people that want to rush through WOD's and short their ROM in an effort to get the fastest time of the day. There are days I get so frustrated that I come up second or even third. But I know my chest hit the ground every pushup or the bar on ever pull up. I have been going beyond breaking parallel in any squat WOD and think that was the only reason I finished that last WOD.

I had 1 wallball that went high enough but didn't actually hit the wall, 1 burpee I forgot to jump for and my last OHS I dropped from too high taken away. I think I was just so excited to finish!