Thursday, May 14, 2009

05-14-09 Thursday Week 14

Neat pic of HSPU (thanks, Tommy!)

Sven might want me to break my neck. This was not a wod of my strengths today. All stuff I need to work on. I'm feeling pretty good now that my back is better.

Warm-Up/Skill Work
Practiced muscle-up transitions with the turnout at the bottom for full-range. HARD!!
I promise myself to practice these daily until they feel more natural.

Full-squat snatches. These felt AWESOME today! I want to thank my massage guru/NMT for fixing my legs. Normally when I try to catch a snatch in the bottom I lose my balance and fall on my butt but these felt balanced and strong. I'm having a much easier time staying nice and upright and the catch position feels solid. Worked up to 85 lbs which felt almost effortless. Thanks, Matt!

Training Log
3 rounds:
500 M Row
10 Handstand Pushups
10 Push Jerks (85/115)

Time -- 23:39 (kipped HSPU)
Tommy -- 13:30

I was told to keep the rows to 1:45. HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Right! 1st row, ALL out sprint effort, maintained that pace until 350M and then just died. Finished it in 1:50. 2nd Row was 2:02. 3rd row 1:56, I think - I could not have done these any faster. I tried, Sven. Do I need to remind you that I am a quarter inch short of 5'4" ...?


Sven said...

No no Grasshopper... Height does not matter.... ask Speal! So now we know what to aim for, right?
Good job on the squat snatches and MU's.
So where where the Stength BIAS work....?
Stand by for e mail.

christin said...

You are mighty tall for only being 5'3.75" Keep it up, Shana!

Matt Holton said...

Did my other comment post?
Any way kick ass. Thanks for the mention and thanks for training so hard. --Matt