Thursday, May 28, 2009

05-28-09 Thursday Week 16

This run-in with "Fran" took me 5 times longer to recover than to do the wod!

Took an unplanned rest day yesterday. Emotional drain was starting to affect me physically. I'll make it up tomorrow. Today was a much better day and I'm just trying to use "this, too, shall pass" as my mantra. Sven sent me a wod with heavy power cleans, thrusters and pullups, but I'm still pretty sore from Tuesday. We did "Fran at CFED today as an alternate to the HQ thrusters and as a farewell to one of our original, and awesomest, members, Rachel. I decided to tackle that instead of the AMRAP since last time I did it was September, and I have been wondering if I could finally crack 5:00.

Training Log
Thrusters 65 lbs

Time -- 4:08 (previous PR 5:21)

I assuredly decided to also do a heavy lift today in addition to the metcon, but 20 minutes went by and I was still feeling nauseous after Fran so I called it a day. Very pleased that my Fran got over a minute faster but there's a little part of me that wishes I could have been 9 seconds faster to break 4. Next time. ;o)


christin said...

Nothing like a Fran PR to get your head back in the game. Very nice work Shana.

Rae said...

woohoo! And all in my honor, hehe! Thanks for being such an inspiration, you are amazing!!!!!!!