Sunday, May 3, 2009

05-04-09 Sunday Week 13

Old friend "Elizabeth" -- I always think I like this one... until I do it.

Man, I am SORE! I've meant to take it easy these first 3 days back to it and then start back hard and heavy on Tuesday. But, apparently, the combination of wods I've picked to "take it easy" on have left me with a real sore heiney. I can't really sit down, I just kind of lean over and fall into my seat. Real smooth. Tomorrow is rest.

Training Log
21 - 15 - 9
95 lb Squat Cleans
Ring Dips

Time -- 11:47 (PR by about 3:00)
Kath -- 10:35 (75 lb cleans)
Ann-imal -- 12:23 (75 lb cleans, asst ring dips)

Kath and Ann-imal came over to CFED to do this wod with me. It's so much easier to make myself move when I've got other strong chicks suffering alongside! Thanks, girls!


jenna said...

Sweet Elizabeth time! I was thinking about hitting that one again soon...might see how my rib feels and do it tomorrow....

Ugh, ring dips.

Kath said...

I liked my saying I came up with... "it's easier to hit Elizabeth when 3 girls beat on her together" HAHA