Monday, May 18, 2009

05-18-09 Monday Week 15

OMG. I really wanted to do that HQ wod from Sunday, we did it today instead of the bench press one at CFED. I am notoriously bad at weighted pullups and I love weighted lunges. I was lazy and took yesterday off so Sven reluctantly said it was okay. I did this with my 4:30 class whilst simultaneously coaching...

Training Log
4:45 PM
4 Rounds for time:
100 Ft Walking Lunges (I used 25's)
30 Box Jumps 24"
20 Weighted Pullups (I used 20#)

Time -- 27:13
(Coulda gone faster but had to stop mid-wod to help out a guy who injured himself doing box jumps... )

It's been a rough coaching day. One guy this morning split his leg open on box jumps. DNF. Then during the 4:30, dude popped a rib out of place or something. DNF. 5:30 PM, dude slipped off the pullup bars. DNF. 6:30 PM, chick tried to meet Pukie. DNF. Phew. I'm thinking weighted lunges, box jumps and weighted pullups -- dangerous combo.


Laura DeMarco - CrossFit Rx said...

That sucks about all the injuries! I can't believe there have been so many people to slip off pull-up bars...I think there is one local affiliate that has had three folks break their arms that way. How do people slip off the bars, anyway?

Shana A. said...

I guess their grip just gives out. I'm calling that wod officially dangerous!

jenna said...

Wow, good work going on Shana! It's been a few days since I checked in...

What's this talk about the turnout at the bottom of the muscle up? Do you have any video? Is that the "rule" of how to do the muscle up for the games?

Keep up the good work!

Sven said...

Good deal of being smart on the wod.
Yeah injuries are a bad deal, but WTF Over??! "fell of the bar"?!
Ok have each class do 2 sets of max bar hang after each wod. Or Monkey Hangs with Atlas Pull Ups. Hmmpphhh.
Ok I am now over that.
I will send you a wod later, bu I have to try it myself first :)

Shana A. said...

Jenna -- it's how to get full ROM (elbows locked) on the muscle-up. It's not always required - at one of the regionals, the standard was that you had to turnout if you were going to do consecutive MUs.
Here's Rob Miller

It's at the end of this vid.