Wednesday, May 6, 2009

05-06-09 Wednesday Week 14

At least I can still do these. Thank goodness, I love them SO much... :::sarcasm:::

As I sit here typing this, my back is smashed up against an ice pack, another thing I love, icing my BACK. Good times. I have a lumbar disk that has slipped forward (anteriorly)- odd because you'd think back would be where it shifted if it was because of CF, but I don't think it is. I think I slept wrong or something. Rounding would make it shift back (posteriorly). Who knows? Anyway, Doc says, no lifting weights and if it's not better with adjustments next weeks, then x-rays. Eh.

Training Log
10 rounds for time:
5 Pullups
7 Med Ball Cleans (14#)
9 Double Unders

Time -- 7:31 (w/chest to bar pullups)
Tommy -- 7:41 (w/20# med ball)

I shoulda used a 20# ball but I thought I was pushing it anyway, I mean a med ball IS a weight... technically. But hardly. I kept moving and did not rest the entire wod, but I definitely paced it. I'm thinking I should push a little harder and really try to move faster. Next wod. Back to my icing now...


Anonymous said...

Hope the back heals well. Good thing this happened AFTER the qualifiers huh? I check out your blog pretty regularly, great stuff, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Ha! No wonder I haven't heard from you......
Ok take your time, get better, get well, and then we go from there, ok? No worries, no stress, it will be good. I'm on my broom back to the States so I will be in contact.
Sven H

CrossFit Hyperformance said...

Jennifer and I are coming up there soon May 22-24 and I would love to come by and get some great coaching.

Drew McKenzie

Shana A. said...

Come on down, kids, we'll LOVE having you! MAYBE we can get a few wods in together, too...?