Monday, October 24, 2011

10-23-11 Sunday Week 142

320 lb deadlift!! Finally broke 300...
Had a great time in the gym today! PR days are always good days.

We decided to do scaled versions of the "King Kong" workout created by Outlaw CrossFit.

It has some pretty heavy lifts in it so warming up the deadlift, I decided to just slap on a belt and see how heavy I could go. I remember a couple of months ago trying to pull 300 lbs. It wouldn't flipping budge off the floor. Today, it went up fast and easy. Soooo... I tried 310. Same thing. Finally felt a little bit of loss of midline when I did 320, so I stopped there. Very exciting ... that's a 35 lb PR for me!!

3 rds for time:
1 deadlift 285 lbs
2 muscle ups (jump to rings, full turnout & thumb flash)
3 front squats 175 lbs
4 handstand pushups

Time - 10:30

I think I could have done this faster ... and I will try again. The front squats were singles and I wasted a good bit of time on the one I dropped, getting the bar back on the rack. Good day. So excited about my new DL 1RM!!

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Nick said...

So awesome! Congrats, Shana!