Saturday, October 8, 2011

10-08-11 Saturday Week 140

All of Blue Team doing the sprints!!
This morning was our second Atlanta League competition. It's been fun to get together and compete with a team. I don't feel anywhere near as much pressure as I do when I'm solo.

Training Log
11:30AM (or so...)
5 Rounds of
1 power clean (w: 65 m:115)
3 hanging squat cleans
2 jerks
After all 5 rounds are completed, rest 2 min and repeat.
Team score = top 4 times on the WOD added together.

Team time: 30:45

Duda and I passed our lead back and forth until about the 3rd round of the second half. I kinda crapped out and he beat my by about :30 I think. Our whole team rocked it with Jazz putting up the 4th fastest time ...!!  She's a total rockstar!  It was a good morning. I'm kind of liking using the lighter weights in the mixed division and just trying to blast through them. Tomorrow we host Barbells for Boobs : Amazing Grace. I haven't done Grace in well over a year. Interested to see how it goes.

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