Thursday, October 6, 2011

10-04-11 Tuesday Week 140

Ready to push press...
So, I pretty much figured my shoulders would be fresh after "Carse" since it was mainly a leg-o-rama type of workout... aaaannnnnd I was totally wrong. I guess those bear crawls with the cleans, maybe, were a raunchy combination because my neck and shoulders might be the most sore thing on me. So, of course, naturally, that means, time to press!!

Training Log
Shoulder Press
2 - 2 - 2 - 2
Push Press
3 - 3 - 3

95 lbs x 2
100 lbs x 2
105 lbs x 2
110 lbs x 1

115 lbs x 3
 130 lbs x 3
 145 lbs x 1

20 minutes of handstand walking practice before coaching the 7PM fundamentals.

I was just completely worn out by that last set of push press. I think on a nice fresh day, I'd have it, but when is that ever going to happen!?! Tomorrow morning, I am back to Buford for more lifting - Caleb hasn't sent my workout, yet. Let's hope there's not too much overhead stuff...

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