Friday, October 14, 2011

10-14-11 Friday Week 141

I guess heavy push presses give me monster face...

No lifting today, thank goodness. I'm so ridiculously sore... I'm surprised I could even lift my arms to get to the rings...

Training Log
Traditional tabata rounds of:
Muscle Ups
Push Press (w: 110 m: 155)
Toes to Bar

Totals -- MU's- 15, PP- 29, TTB- 47


5 rounds for time:
75 Double Unders
100 Ft Yoke Carry
Go up in weight on every round.
Women's starting weight is 200 lbs.

Weights (in lbs) -- 200/220/230/240/250
Time -- 11:52

I should have gone heavier on the yoke weight. It is still a new piece of equipment for me and I was being a little too conservative ... I will know better next time. The double unders sucked the most because my upper body is so fried from the last 3 days it hurt to just turn the rope. Crazy.
Also, must do more work on muscle ups, heavy push presses and toes to bar.... that is all.


Justin said...

i feel your pain on the mu's, i have strung together 8 before but on bad days its hard for me to do 2 unbroken. goat. like the blog

Nyy said...

Hi! You were one of my favorites in the Games and I just found this blog from the Games site. I´m a girl from Finland and I have done crossfit by my self about 3 years, because we don´t live near a crossfit gym. I have to start reading your blog to get more inspiration! Hope to see you next years Games too :)