Wednesday, March 3, 2010

02-27-10 Saturday/Sunday Week 56

Rumble at the Rock: Georgia CrossFit Sectional Qualifiers had us all sleeping really well on Sunday night...

We had the most fabulous weekend at Georgia Sectionals. Brooke qualified and finished in 10th place. Our blue team finished in 5th place and our grey team finished in 18th! But it was so much fun!! We went as the A-team - and had matching shirts and jackets. We definitely should have earned style points. There's lots of pics HERE.

Training Log
Saturday Noonish
Each team will have 5 min at each station to complete as many reps as possible.
Row [calories]
Pull ups
Thruster [95/65]
KB swing [1.5 /1]
Wallball [20/12]
Deadlift [225/135]

ALL 6 team members can participate and freely substituted throughout each movement.Only two members can work at the same time - one must be Male & one must be Female. Teams can stop working but CANNOT proceed to the next station prior to the 5 min mark. Team score will be the total of all male and all female reps completed.

Our blue team (me, Aimee, Christin, Phil, Jonathan and Bwah) performed 1245 reps!
Girls: 645 reps
Guys: 600 reps

Sunday Noonish
300 yd med ball shuttle [20lb / 12lb]
20 Squat Clean [95/55] to step up [20in/12in]
15 Hate Makers
50 yd team lunge
Won't post all the requirements, but basically one girl and one guy each do an entire leg of the relay. I did the squat cleans, held some kettlebells and did some lunges.

Team time -- 16:58

I had such a great time all weekend and really felt like I could push it and not be held back by injuries. I was totally inspired by the competition and it lit a fire under my ass to start training hard for regionals...

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