Saturday, March 20, 2010

03-16-10 Tuesday Week 59

My tush.

Training Log
Back Squat
95 x 5
115 x 5
145 x 3
165 x 2
180 x 5
180 x 4.5
180 x 3

As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:
6 Clean & Jerk (75 lbs)
9 Front Squats (75 lbs)
12 Toes to bar

Total -- 4 rounds + 6 C&J

Lifting alone sucks. Plus it took me too long and I had to stop lifting to coach my 4PM class then do one last set of BS. Was so frustrated and was in so much pain - I might have been able to actually do 5 on the last set, but I kind of quit. I felt unnerved by the sensations in my back and didn't want to be stupid.
The AMRAP was half-assed at best and I felt like I was going through the motions just to say I did it. Rest day needed.

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