Friday, March 12, 2010

03-12-10 Friday Week 58

Clean & Jerk -- 165 lbs -- CFATL --03-12-2010 from Shana Alverson

Spencer and I went over to CrossFit Atlanta for some Olympic Lifting on this rainy Friday night.

Training Log
Row 1000M nice and easy.

K-Star shoulder prep/hip prep warm-up.

then ...

O-Lifting with Jason B. ... snatch practice and clean & jerks.

Snatch: 121 lbs (PR by 6 lbs!!!)

Clean & Jerk: 165 lbs

Should have written it down -- I was lifting in kgs and I usually use pounds so I mostly had no idea how much weight was on the bar. I was just putting on the plates Jason told me to. I've never maxed out my C&J as one lift before. I have hit 165 lbs separately in both clean and jerk but not together and it was sometime last year. My snatch has been stuck at 115 for a good 9 months.... so it felt AWESOME TO PR by 6 lbs!!
Great coaching by Jason and lots of enthusiasm and encouragement from Brandon and co. at CrossFit Atlanta. Thanks to Spencer for being a great lifting pal, as always.


Jenna Dodge said...

Fuck yeah Shana!!! Nice work girl!

(Damn, now i have some catching up to do......)

Jenna Dodge said...

BTW, Shana, what's up with the 5-5-3-2-5 rep scheme you do?

Shana A. said...

Jenna, I don't even know. You will have to ask Luan!!

Maya said...

Congrats on the PR!!

Samantha Nicole said...

YEAHHHHH!!!!! Way to go! That's an impressive amount of weight there!! :)