Sunday, March 7, 2010

03-06-10 Saturday Week 57

Training Log
2 hours of kung fu training.




For time:
Row 750 Meters
21 - 15 - 9
Back Squats 95 lbs
Dumbbell Swings 55 lbs
GHD Situps
Row 750 Meters

Time -- 16:54
Jonathan -- 17:44

Felt super crappy going into this workout -- lunch was still with me, so to speak and I was groggy and feeling lethargic. First row was right at 3:00. Final one was 3:08. All sets of the middle portion were unbroken with the exception of 21 GHD situps ... broke it at 14. I think. Oh, an all back squats were high bar due to shoulder irritation.
That workout left me slurring my speech afterward. I was instructed to row fast on the first row to induce panic breathing. 3 minutes is fast for a little shortie like me, at just under 5'4" rowing is not my forte. I'm pleased with my performance since I started it out feeling so crappy.

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