Thursday, February 25, 2010

02-25-10 Thursday Week 56

Was planning on resting or taking it easy today... but.... didn't want my 6:30PMer to work out all alone, so we tore some shit up.

Training Log
Max Rep Pullups.**
3 cycles of:
3 minute AMRAP -
3 Clean & Jerk 95 lbs
5 Five-Meter Sprints
7 Situps
Rest 90 seconds. then…
Max rep pullups.

** You will have exactly 3 minutes from the time the pullups begin until the 1st cycle of the AMRAP begins. Post total # of pullups completed plus total number of reps from the AMRAP cycles (one full round -- 3C&J + 5 sprints + 7 situps = 15 reps.)

Pullups: 42 + AMRAP reps: 165 = 207 reps total

I am glad I got to try this because when I came up with it, I thought it seemed like a fun one. I loved it. Wendy was a great workout partner!! Thanks, Wendy!!

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