Thursday, February 18, 2010

02-17-10 Wednesday Week 55

Small 6:30PM class tonight so Aimee and I decided to make up Monday's CFED wod, Tabata Pain Train since we're trying to get ready for the Affiliate Team Challenge at Sectionals next weekend. We added a 500M row to the top and 5 reps to each round.

Training Log
Tabata Pain Train
500 M Row
30 Pullups
35 Thrusters 65 lbs
40 Dumbbell Swings 35 lbs
45 Wall Ball Shots 14 lbs
50 Deadlifts 135 lbs

This workout is to be done Tabata style with the work/rest interval at 20/10. When the clock starts complete as many pullups as possible in 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds. Continue the work/rest cycle until 25 pullups are completed then move on to thrusters. Post number of intervals required to complete all the work in the chipper.Total -- 32 intervals (row was 1:58)
Aimee -- 35 intervals (row was ~2:00)

That was a total suck fest. It felt like 10 minutes of straight posterior chain fry-out with the thrusters, swings, wall balls, and deadlifts. Just awful. I was never more glad for a wod to be over.

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