Thursday, February 18, 2010

02-18-10 Thursday Week 55

What CrossFit chicks do for fun... that's me squatting my good friend and fellow CrossFitter, Aimee.

Just worked out 12 hours ago but my 8AM class had one lonely person and I didn't want Chet to have to go it alone so we did today's CFED wod in simultaneous misery.

Training Log
“Brawling Buttercups”
3 rounds for time:
300 ft shuttle w/medball (me -14lbs, Chet 20lbs) *
10 squat clean step ups 65lbs onto 12" for me (75lbs to 20" for Chet)
10 buttercup breakers ***
50 ft med ball OH lunge (w:14 m:20)

* This is done as twelve 25ft sprints tapping the med ball to the floor every pass.
** 1 rep = 1 full squat clean, 1 step-up left leg, 1 step-up right leg
*** buttercup breaker = hop to plank position, perform 3 pushups & 10 mountain climbers (R+L leg =1 rep), jump up and clap overhead.

Time -- 29:51
Chet -- 34:54

I feel good now that I'm done with that, have eaten lunch and have time for a quick nap before it's back to the gym. Thanks for being my workout bud, Chet!!

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