Tuesday, February 9, 2010

02-09-10 Tuesday Week 54

Got no new photos lately. :o(
So I realized today is kinda day 10 - if you count the snatches and HSPU work I did on Saturday while I was there with the Lion Dance guys. I was counting it as an active rest day but I'm making myself take tomorrow off. I think I need it.

Training Log
12 Noon
3 rounds for max reps:
60 seconds Deadlift 155 lbs
30 seconds rest.
60 seconds dumbbell push press w/25 lb DBs
30 seconds rest.
60 seconds dumbbell hang squat clean w/25's
30 seconds rest.

Total reps -- Deadlift 57, Push Press 77, HSCs 44

I was sore before I even got home. Gotta love that 9 minutes of work can tear your ass up seven ways to Sundays.

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