Thursday, September 24, 2009

09-24-09 Thursday Week 34

I am always carrying the camera and have been short on the extra hands to snap photos lately! So sorry, no fresh photo!

Training Log
7:45 PM
CFED Rest Day Dumbbell Chipper
For time:
Use the same pair of dumbbells throughout the entire workout — 25 lbs
50 Suitcase Walking Lunge Steps (holding both DBs)
45 Dumbbell Swings
40 Alternating Single-arm SDHP (each arm is 1 rep)
35 Situps (holding single DB at chest)
30 Alternating 20″ Step ups (holding both DBs-each step is 1 rep)
25 Hang Power Cleans
20 Push Press

Time -- 9:27

Phew. That was a smoker. I had the "Elvis-leg" when I got done with this one. Love the really short intense ones! Feeling good right now, like I might do some 2-a-days... Yeah. We'll see.

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