Tuesday, September 22, 2009

09-22-09 Tuesday Week 34

Blurry pushup photo...

Decided to do our CFED wod today. I don't like going more than 3 days without a metcon.

Training Log
For time:
1 Deadlift (155 lbs), 20 Pushups
2 DL, 18 Pushups
3 DL, 16 Pushups
4 DL, 14 Pushups.....
all the way to
10 DL, 2 Pushups

Time -- 12:02

Deadlifts were easy and unbroken... the pushups are what slowed me the most. I do not compromise on the form of them at all, even a little. Every rep is chest to the floor, tight plank, lockout at the top. It slows me down for sure... but I feel like I'm cheating if I don't. They have to get better somehow - and not doing them spec on every rep is not going to get me any closer to faster, full ROM pushups. :::: sigh :::: Stupid pushups.


Mike C. said...

Awesome dedication to your pushups Shana!

Kath said...

C'mon Chain... just bounce your rack off the floor HAHAHA reeeeebound-effect! lol

Shana A. said...

Kath, my rack is real and it WON'T bounce... kinda wish it did!! (I've tried that -it's way too painful...)