Sunday, September 6, 2009

09-06-09 Sunday Week 31

Here's part of the new tat and Jeremy, the guy that did it. Check him out at Ink & Dagger Tattoo in Decatur, GA.

I so did NOT want to do today's workout. But, I did it and it's done and I'm glad. Mini-crew was Jonathan, Phil and myself.

Training Log
6 rounds for time:
400 M Run
25 Burpees

Set up under a bar that is one foot above your reach for the burpees. Jump and touch the bar for each burpee rep.

Time -- 33:07

We weren't really able to set up a bar so instead we used the lines and letters on the wall (you can see them in the photo above.) My max reach is 83" and I jumped to 98" each time so I overdid it a little. Shoulda measured. All burpees were strict pushup burpees (chest to floor in plank) and 50 of them were on my knuckles.


TG said...

Great job Shana... Keep up the good work

Shana A. said...


Rae said...

I'm glad I can keep following u, ur always an inspiration!