Sunday, June 28, 2009

06-28-09 Sunday Week 20

Chuck and I, and the rest of us off camera, were drenched when this was over. I should be well prepared for any heat in Cali!

I crashed the trainer lunchtime wod at the L1 at CFATL again today! They were nice enough to let me join in!

Training Log
Partner WOD
As many round as possible in 15 minutes of:
5 CTB Pullups
10 Pushups
1 Squat Clean (125/185 lbs) first round, 2 second round, and so on...

Only one partner can work at a time so the other rests while waiting for the one working to complete a round.

My partner was Brandon Conner from (CrossFit NE Georgia). The other team was Chuck Carswell (CFHQ)and Andy Stumph (CF Coranado)
I think our team got just under 14 rounds - I was maybe just into the set of 7 cleans when they called time) Other team got just under 15 rounds - Andy was working on his set of 7 cleans when the clock stopped (Chuck and I went first). Brandon did power cleans with 153 lbs and did regular pullups.

This was a great way to get a wod. I felt like I pushed much harder and the power output per round was much higher than it would have been if I had continually worked throughout the 15 minutes. It was the equivalent of doing 400 M repeats. It was exactly what I needed today. Abs are SORE from KTE yesterday and my legs are starting to feel it, too.

Congrats to Brooke, Christin and Sheryl on earning their Level I Cert this weekend. All 3 of them did Fran as Rx'd. Way to represent, you badasses.

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Sven said...

Working with my Boys!
A da Gurl!
Hope that that things are getting better and that you are getting ready to go, both physically and mentally.
Drop me a line when you get a chance, ok?