Friday, June 19, 2009

06-18-09 Thursday Week 19

Working out with Kath and T-Rex at CFNA...

What a long day! I've been pretty bummed out (to say the least) in the last couple of days so my good friends Kath and Ann-imal took me to the Atlanta Zoo. It was wonderful and we had such a great time! It was hot as Rhino-poo, though and we were exhausted when we left. Nevertheless, headed straight to the gym to get a wod in. That Tony is a little bit evil, love him! Brooke met us there and got to experience the Tony-special. We almost died from heat exhaustion.

Training Log
4 rounds for time:
200 M Sandbag carry 45lbs on a steep hill
10 Overhead Squats 95 lbs
200 M Farmer Walk w/53 lb kettlebells on a steep hill
15 pushups

Time -- 29:44
Brooke -- 37:25 (35 lb KBs)

Wow. That is all I have to say about that other than, I asked for it. Planning on active rest tomorrow. We'll see.


Sydney Longshore said...

Hi Shana,
When will you be back :( ? - Sydney

Shana A. said...

OMG, Sydney. Soon, I hope. No place I'd rather be that with you guys. :o(

Sydney Longshore said...

Good! Things are not the same without you. Hope you are able to have a nice weekend. Keep up the good work getting ready for the games and we hope we'll see you VERY soon :) !

Lauren said...

Anything we can do to speed up your return? :)

Brooke said...

I hate to admit this, but Tony took the 5# plates off my bar after the first round (he really appreciated my effort though) so I only did 85# for 3 rounds. I just cannot stress enough how much I thought I was going to die. I rarely think I will not make it through a WOD, but yesterday I seriously thought I was going to pass out. That was some hard sh*t! Thanks for taking me though- I needed it :)