Tuesday, June 16, 2009

06-16-09 Tuesday Week 19

Worked out at BTB CrossFit tonight in Highlands, thanks Jeff and crew! Brooke and Jonathan went with me. We joined their 6:30PM group for a short smoker!

Training Log
Hill sprints w/12# med-ball
SDHP w/35# kettlebell

then ...

"Jumping Grace"
5 rounds for time:
6 Clean & Jerk 95 lbs
10 Box Jumps 20"

Time -- 6:10
Jonathan -- 9:09 w/115 lbs
Brooke -- 9:34 w/85 lbs (?)

I felt like I was moving slow as molasses. Those box jumps made a pretty big difference ... I was completely gassed, stupid sinuses!


Sven said...

So I am hearing disturbing rumors about Shana and Tommy leaving after a dispute with their "partners". WTF!!?? I didn't even know they had partners? Are they at the gym?
All I know is that Shana and Tommy does the workouts, post the scores, get's everybody up and running.
I'm sorry if I missed the other people who "help out", but as I said WTF!!??
I help Shana train, I'm not very good at it, but I know that she is a great individual and awesome trainer. I want for her to be a better athlete and Coach and this is not helping out....
Ok folks, sorry for bitching, but dang....
I know that I am far removed and probably don't know all that is going on, but something is fishy here. Please tell me what's up...

Tommy said...

Sven...Hopefully we can explain. Call Shana she will gladly fill you in.

Shana...I got the email this morning. I have officially been approved to be a judge at the 2009 CrossFit Games. So you better be nice to me because sometimes i can have a problem counting reps or seeing a chest touch the pullup bar.

Shana A. said...

Tommy, do you take checks...?

christin said...

Stressful times for you, Ms Shana. Keep your eye on the prize! Go Shana!