Saturday, June 27, 2009

06-27-09 Saturday Week 20

Heidi, me and Ken suffering through a wod at CFATL during the L1 lunch break today...

So, I actually did make a gym appearance on Thursday and it was so pitiful, I didn't even bother posting. Worked on some full squat snatches and maxed out at 105, failed at 115 like 3 times... which I've done before. Got frustrated and was feeling blah so rowed 700 M at about 3:12. Kath made me go the extra 200, I was gonna stop at 500 M. Took yesterday as a rest day to see if I could get back in the groove.
Stopped by CFATL today to loan them some medballs - apparently they have 70+ signed up for the L1 this weekend - ended up jumping in the trainer lunch break wod with Mike G, Ken, Heidi, Maggie, Justin, and Brandon (I think).

Training Log
21 - 15 - 9
Knees to Elbows
Overhead Squats 65 lbs

Time -- 7:28

I discovered that I am not very fast at KTE. I would have finished maybe 2 mins faster if I could cycle them without having to stop swinging on each rep. Any advice is welcome. I must need to practice them more. No trouble getting the full ROM, just cycle time is not optimal.
Day 1 of Aromas is exactly 2 weeks from today. Phew. Butterflies already.


Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

Matt said, perhaps, control the negative so you don't swing, keep that active shoulder and more control on the way down. See if you can cycle faster that way.

No butterflies! just flip the switch and bring it.

Anonymous said...

Are you currently kipping your
KTE's? The kip is different than when youre kipping your pullups-it takes me one 'try'/one(partial) rep (for me) to get into the motion-its a faster, shorter kip than the pullup kip. My KTE's were so slow until I figured it out.
It is is different than a controlled KTE also-at the point of contact between your knees and your elbows, your body is in a leaning back, behind-the-bar position, as opposed to directly under the bar, straight-up-and-down (vertical) position. You cant let your legs swing as far behind your body as when doing pullups, or c2b pullups, the kip in this sense is more similar to the 'frog kick' kip or whatever people call it-(think OPT in his sub-7 Helen vid on HQ site)
I know this post is long-I hope this helps-Maybe I can stop thru there one day this week and we'll get a WOD together-with KTE's of course!
Brandon Crossfit NE Georgia

jpmummey said...

It's tough to talk clearly about the many little pieces that make up a fast, complex movement like K2E. I've seen them done a couple different ways and I think everyone settles on their own version of a kip. Here's a video of mine, hope it helps.

Shana A. said...

Thanks you guys! I was too spent after today's wod to try them but I will try all suggestions and let ya'll know how it goes.

JP - the pose at the end of your vid was CLASSIC! Loved it!