Wednesday, June 10, 2009

06-10-09 Wednesday Week 18

This metcon looked easier than it was. Phew.

Took an unscheduled rest day yesterday. Maybe I just felt like I deserved a good ass-kicking today to make up for it. I can hardly type now, but I felt strong doing the wods!

Training Log
Back Squat 5x5
185 x 5
205 x 5 (PR)
225 x 1 (PR!)


7 rds for time:
3 Push Jerk 110 lbs
6 Pullups
9 Pushups

Time -- 11:29
Brooke -- 16:22

I felt pretty strong on the back squats today. I was able to get 205 up 5 times which was previously a 3 rep max for me. Actually 205 may be the most I've ever squatted - I haven't done a single rep max in SO long. I just wanted to see if I could stand up with 225 and I did. YIPEE!!!

I did the pullups in the metcon chest to bar and with an underhand grip for balance. I never use any grip but overhand, like, ever. I suspect it may be the reason I'm having elbow issues so I thought I'd try mixing things up and see if it helps. It definitely felt foreign and my elbow popped at one point. All sets of PJs were unbroken.


christin said...

Nice BS PR! Is that LB or HB? I think I remember you perfer HB. Not sure. Looking good Shana and Brooke.

Shana A. said...

OH!! I forgot to even talk about the low/olympic dilemna! Ha!

I decided to go low-bar. The numbers are just so much more satisfying. Plus, I'll be doing front squats and overhead squats ... I can let myself be a brute every now and then!

jenna said...

Wow, strong work!

I've never gotten used to low bar....I just stick with high bar.

That metcon looks brutal. 110# push jerks, for 3 reps? Nice!

Patrick Haskell said...

I made the same decision 6 months ago. (I rationalized my indulgence in big numbers by saying I needed to strengthen my posterior chain.) Of course, now I'm on an oly program, so I'll probably have to sacrifice some pounds.

You've been killing it lately Shana. Looks like the Games prep is spot-on.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shana, word on the street is that you play music and this Saturday you are playing a concert. Why don't you post the details here on your blog?