Wednesday, July 1, 2009

07-01-09 Wednesday Week 21

In case you missed it on the Games site, vid from CF Games Southeast Quals.

Got about 3 hours of sleep last night, but after two rest days, that's no excuse to miss a wod. I did our gym's alternate wod for the 10K run. Did this with Brooke after coaching all the classes today. Amazing that I had the energy left. It's bed for me as soon as I hit "Post."

Training Log
10 rounds for time:
10 Jumping Pullups
10 Push Press 35 lb bar
10 Situps
100 M Sprint

Time -- 14:43
Brooke -- 17:23

That was good, and hard. But it's the same thing, right? Good night.


Virginia said...

WOW! Now just watching that made me ready for bed! Thanks for the inspiration Shana! Good luck!

Shana A. said...

Thanks, Virginia! I leave in SIX days !!!! I can't believe it!!

christin said...