Monday, July 6, 2009

07-06-09 Monday Week 22

Jumped in the 8AM session today with Christin Street (check out her workout log) so she wouldn't have to go it alone... it's officially taper week. Took the last 2 days off. I think I'm ready to go, although, if I'm not - it's a little late to decide that now!

Training Log
5 rounds for time:
20 Double Unders
15 Wall Ball Shots 14 lbs
10 Burpees

Time -- 9:57

I am so pre-occupied right now! Once I get on the plane to San Francisco I will feel better! Like an idiot I booked my flight home for like 6AM on Monday morning! AUGH! I wonder how difficult it would be to switch that....


jenna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking in. I'm such a slacker.

Can't wait to meet you in Aromas! I'll come say hi!


dawn said...

great job this weekend shana! congrats.

Christin said...

Dude- The people wanna know how you feel post-Games!? Congrats on an outstanding performance.