Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11-17-09 Tuesday Week 42

Noon class enjoying a 400M stroll involving barbells...

I haven't been told not to do lunges and today's workout was just too appealing. The hammie is feeling better and I am feeling the pain more in my back than anything. Weird. I've been taking it very easy which is making me slightly insane. My mood is much better when I can workout.

Training Log
Weighted walking lunge/push-press for 400 meters.
Four lunge steps, alternating legs, followed by 5 reps of push-press repeated through 400 meters. Rack and press from back, front, or alternate at will. Rest when and where needed but clock keeps running.

Time -- 36:28 (I used a 35# barbell)

That was a pitifully slow time but I was really being careful of my hamstring. I'm sure it should have felt a lot worse, but I went so slow. The arms were pretty freaking fried at the end and legs aren't as bad as I thought they would be. Got a rip on my thumb. Hopefully won't be any worse tomorrow.


Kimberly Mcleish said...

Cool WOD! Gonna have to steal this one for class! Sorry about your hamstring!

Kate 'killer' Rawlings said...

There's nothing plesant sounding about that wod. Good for you!

Shana A. said...

Thanks, ya'll!! I am definitely feeling it today - WOW!

Pistol said...

Sorry to hear you've been injured. looking forward to wodding with you again :)